Twitter and The Zombie Thing

Amazingly, this thing is still kicking around. I noticed another influx of people following my Twitter account all of a sudden. Turns out the people at posted this image and it’s been getting some hits.

This odd little event was so representative of our obsession with Twitter. This happened right around the time when everyone’s grandma and grandpa started to find out about “those damn vagrants on their twitjobs on the web who don’t know how to write a paragraph.” That’s when it kind of turned a corner.

Twitter was fun, spontaneous, fresh and as this zombie thing showed me, surprisingly powerful. Because of the nation’s fascination with Twitter, this tweet ended up on the news in EVERY MAJOR CITY. I mean…What?

In other news, some stoned kid in Boston thinks he’s hilarious. Back to you Joanne.
Did I mention someone is selling freakin’ MUGS?


What is the real story here? That the Boston Police broke their cool for a good joke? Could be. Zombies are hilarious? Yes.

I think the story is about what Twitter meant in May of 2009. The fact that the story is so nonsensical, yet was so widespread is a perfect anecdote. We had no idea how to use Twitter or what it could do for the world, but we knew it was powerful. Since then, it reached a tipping point that has compromised it’s power. Twitter is no longer so full of possibilities because we’ve figured most of them out. It’s a marketing tool now…and that makes me feel dirty when I step into it; like it’s trying to take something from me more than give.

Interestingly enough, it seems that catastrophic events on par with a Zombie outbreak are the bread and butter of Twitter. The Mumbai terrorist attacks, the Iranian revolution…the Haitian earthquake. We as people are communicating faster than we ever have before…sometimes it saves our asses, but for the most part, we aren’t learning any quicker.

Now I’ll go back to using Twitter for work…Funny how things change when we figure them out.


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