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  1. Hey Will,

    my name is Kyle Wagner. currently, i reside in providence rhode island, but i am originally from long island new york. i am attending johnson and wales university studying travel and tourism. although all that sounds great, my real passion is playing bass. ive been playing for about 4 years, and was accepted to Berklee College of Music, however did not go because of money situations. currently, my roomate AJ and i are writing music in my apartment, kind of early 90’s music (my mentor is Flea and his is John Frusciante, along with others). the reason i am writing this email to you is because i have watched a lot of your videos online about some of the effects the SoundBlox creates. not only do i love the pedals you produce, but i also love your career as a bassist who can work with a company like oundBlox and help them create some of the best pedals in the world. my main question is, how does one aquire a job like that? to me, it would be a dream to be able to meet some of the people you have met, along with being in the music scene and learning about all the new technologies and products that are being produced today. i was also wondering, that is if you have the time and are willing to do so, if i could send you some of my music and you give your opinion on it. after watching some of your videos, not only are you an extremely talented bassist, but you understand the bass like no one ive seen before (except victor wooten maybe, but i mean the guy is a god). please, let me know what your opinions are and i look forward to hearing from you


    Kyle Wagner

    • Hey Kyle!

      Thank you for the kind words! I can’t tell you enough how much your message means to me. You’re a wonderful person for taking the time out of your day to inspire me to live my life with even more enthusiasm.

      There are a few routes to getting a job like mine, but they’ll all take an investment of time, money or both.

      Below is a really specific route that I have seen work. It may not be right for you, but it could help you figure out what you want to do:

      1.) learn a couple of ripping bass tunes that would still be interesting to someone who doesn’t care about the bass. Maybe you and AJ could work out something awesome together. Test out your choices with your friends and parents. The more ‘remarkable’ the better (check out this post for more on that: http://willcady.com/top-rated-articles/the-discoverability-of-brilliance/)

      2.) Once you’ve got those tunes in your wheelhouse, record them with a quality camera and upload them to YouTube, submit them to sites like Reddit and try to get that view count to above 3,000.

      3.) After that, try to swing the price of a plane ticket and find your way into one of the two NAMM shows. Anaheim is bigger than Nashville so Nashville may be the better starting point (besides you could road trip there too). Getting a NAMM badge may be a bit tricky, but if you make calls to NAMM itself or ask around at music stores and schools in your area then you could get a badge. If you have a family friend who works at a music company, this would be a great favor to ask them.

      4.) Make a hit list of all the companies you would want to work at and visit them at NAMM. If there are some instruments laying around, politely grab them and let it rip with those tunes in your wheelhouse. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get to show off or even play with one of the greats!

      5.) Before you leave, give your contact info to anyone who could get you a job. Try to have a business card that doesn’t look cheap or like it’s trying too hard. follow up with everyone a week later and again two weeks later if they don’t respond (they are probably swamped).

      If you stand out as a great player, a reliable professional, and a good person to hang out with; they’ll remember you.

      Most companies are really chill and open. They’re musicians after all! You have to patient though, because they need to have an opening.

      I know that was pretty long-winded but I hope it helps! I would love to hear your music, we have the same influences…Post a link!

  2. i did not realize that this wasnt an email. i apologize for just posting that on your website haha. you can delete it if you would like

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